OSAC Trial Contacts

The OSAC trial is a multi-centre trial, co-ordinated by the University of Bristol. Please scroll down for the contact details of each participating centre.


Bristol centre secure fax number: 0117 928 7341

Bristol centre address:
OSAC Trial
School of Social & Community Medicine
University of Bristol
Canynge Hall
39 Whatley Road

Bristol centre contacts

Trial Manager: Harriet Downing
Telephone: 0117 331 3906
Email: osac-trial@bristol.ac.uk or harriet.downing@bristol.ac.uk

Trial Administrator: Annie Sadoo
Telephone: 0117 928 7248
Email: osac-trial@bristol.ac.uk or annie.sadoo@bristol.ac.uk

Trial Research Nurse: Sue Harris
Telephone: 0117 331 4513
Email: osac-trial@bristol.ac.uk or Sue.D.Harris@bristol.ac.uk

Chief Investigator and Bristol centre PI: Dr Alastair Hay
Email: alastair.hay@bristol.ac.uk


Oxford centre secure fax number: 01865 617847

Oxford centre address:
OSAC Trial, Primary Care Clinical Trials Unit
Nuffield Department of Primary Care Hwalth Sciences (Gibson Building)
Radcliffe Observatory Quarter
Woodstock Road
Oxford, OX2 6GG

Oxford centre contacts

Trial Co-ordinator: David Timmins
Telephone: 01865 289 290
Email: david.timmins@phc.ox.ac.uk

Oxford centre PI: Professor Matthew Thompson
Email: matthew.thompson@phc.ox.ac.uk

Oxford centre PI: Dr Kay Wang
Email: kay.wang@phc.ox.ac.uk

Oxford centre PI: Dr Anthony Harnden
Email: anthony.harnden@phc.ox.ac.uk


Southampton centre secure fax number: 02380 001070

Southampton centre address:
OSAC Trial, Primary Medical Care
University of Southampton
Aldermoor Close
Southampton, SO16 5ST

Southampton centre contacts

Trial Co-ordinator: Kate Martinson
Telephone: 023 8024 1087
Email: k.martinson@soton.ac.uk

OSAC Principal Investigator (Southampton trial centre)
Dr Mike Moore
GP and Reader in Primary Care Research
Department of Primary Medical Care

University of Southampton
Aldemoor Close
Southampton, SO15 5ST

Telephone: 02380 241056
Email: mvm198@soton.ac.uk


Nottingham centre secure fax number: 0115 846 6904

Nottingham centre address:
OSAC Trial, University of Nottingham
Floor 13, Tower Building
University Park
Nottingham, NG7 2RD

Nottingham centre contacts

Investigator: Dr Elizabeth Orton
Telephone: 0115 846 6930
Email: elizabeth.orton@nottingham.ac.uk

Trial Co-ordinator: Natasher Lafond
Telephone: 0115 846 8312
Email: natasher.lafond@nottingham.ac.uk

Trial Administrator: Peter Andrews
Telephone: 0115 846 6924
Email: p.andrews@nottingham.ac.uk

Nottingham centre PI: Professor Denise Kendrick
Email: denise.kendrick@nottingham.ac.uk